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Another InnoDB crash

It happened twice in May, and now again: another InnoDB crash. is now up again with a fresh server instance, meaning that no databases have been transferred from the old server to the new one. However, the old server … Continue reading

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InnoDB crash recovery

You may have noticed that the server is currently down. Reason is that an InnoDB crash has occurred and efforts to recover have failed. However, I was able to create a dump file of the entire server, which I’m … Continue reading

Posted in | 11 Comments server migration‘s server has reached its limits, and it was time for a new one. Now here it is, a shiny new server, with 8 times as much memory than the previous one, and also more disk space. Time for a … Continue reading

Posted in, MySQL, PlanetMySQL | 2 Comments’s protest against SOPA & PIPA

Lets hope this is never necessary again! Because it’s never wrong to fight for the right thing. For our internet! Not some government’s!

Posted in, Politics, WWW | Leave a comment is joining the protest against SOPA & PIPA is joining the protest against SOPA & PIPA and will stay down for 24 hours, starting January 18, 2012 at 02:00 UTC. Learn more on what this is all about at … … and why the WEB GOES … Continue reading

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Another much needed cleanup had a great time of pretty flawless running recently. No outages, no emergencies, quite relaxing for an administrator. Except for one problem which got increasingly worse and worse: performance. It was time to drop some users again. Who did … Continue reading

Posted in | 1 Comment now running MySQL 5.6 has been updated again. The server now runs MySQL 5.6.4 m7, the very latest, and lets hope, the very greatest. Enjoy!

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Concerned about’s future?

Recently there were some server issues at which raised some concerns over a possible soon end of Here are 3 facts that should convince you that there is no reason for concern: has doubled (!) its visit … Continue reading

Posted in, PlanetMySQL | 3 Comments running on new server

After the recent InnoDB corruption, has moved onto a new server (from a new service provider), starting over with a fresh MySQL server for the users. The old server can be accessed through phpMyAdmin at Select the 2nd … Continue reading

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Quick update on

I had migrating to a new server (slightly stronger, much cheaper) in mind anyway. Now with the current problems, it’s probably best to go forward with this migration right away. I will start with a fresh and clean MySQL … Continue reading

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