Concerned about’s future?

Recently there were some server issues at which raised some concerns over a possible soon end of

Here are 3 facts that should convince you that there is no reason for concern:

  • has doubled (!) its visit numbers in quite a short period of time. And this doesn’t look like a temporary increase, but very likely to continue and maybe even become more. So is currently more successful than it has ever been before.
  • recently moved to a new server, which is even slightly stronger than the old one, but costs less than half the money.
  • I invested quite some efforts to clean up the web site infrastructure (which was in a very messy state not long ago). Even though this isn’t entirely finished yet, it allows for new perspectives which seemed unrealistic before. Working on the code becomes increasingly fun again, a while ago it was more pain than fun.

So knowing these 3 facts you probably agree that now would be a really stupid time to shut down

3 thoughts on “Concerned about’s future?”

  1. Personally i have my own database in my site.. however i still find an online database that i can use for my personal application is sooo much useful =)

    Keep it up guys.. i personally really appreciate your services

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