Quick update on db4free.net

I had migrating db4free.net to a new server (slightly stronger, much cheaper) in mind anyway. Now with the current problems, it’s probably best to go forward with this migration right away.

I will start with a fresh and clean MySQL server on this new machine (which means, everybody who had an account will have to re-register in order to keep a database at db4free.net). The old server will stay available in its current state for a while, so you can get to the data which is accessible. InnoDB seems to have quite serious issues on this damaged installation though. Currently it runs in InnoDB recovery mode (and read only), which is the only way I can keep this server up. As soon as I remove these options from the my.cnf config file, the server crashes immediately.

As a consequence of this, the new MySQL server on the new machine will return to MyISAM as default storage engine. You will still be able to create InnoDB tables by adding ENGINE=INNODB to the CREATE TABLE statement.

I have 2 domains for db4free, the default db4free.net and db4free.org. Probably I will get db4free.net connected to the new machine, while leaving db4free.org connected to the old box, as long as it remains available. It’s likely that I will nuke it before May is over.

So that’s the current state, stay tuned for updates.

And as I can’t repeat this often enough, please keep in mind that

  • db4free.net is a testing environment
  • db4free.net is not suitable for production
  • if you decide to use your db4free.net database in production despite the warnings, you do that at your own risk (very frequent backups are highly recommended)
  • data loss and outages can happen at any time (any complaints about that will likely be ignored)
  • the db4free.net team is not granting any warranty or liability of any kind
  • the db4free.net team reserves the right to delete databases and/or accounts at any time without notice
  • it is up to you to get the latest information from the Forum (http://www.db4free.net/forum/viewforum.php?f=1) and the db4free.net blog (http://www.mpopp.net/category/db4free/)

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