My first public guitar (and blues harp) videos

I made recordings of myself playing on the guitar and other instruments before, but I always found excuses why I didn’t want to upload them to somewhere where a larger audience can see and listen to it. Being the person who played, you always know that the lick here and the chord there wasn’t as perfect as you wished it would be.

But no excuses this time (even though either recording isn’t perfect as well).

I am more or less randomly playing around. Sure with some plan in mind, but not with every note defined in advanced. When playing with guitar and the harp (a Hohner Marine Band Deluxe in D), there isn’t so much room for fancy spontaneous ideas anyway. Because playing 2 instruments at the same time is pretty hard.

Comparably easy is to play the guitar alone. This one is really almost only what came to my mind the seconds as I played it. When I pressed the record button, I had no idea what I was going to play.

So now that a start is made to finally publishing recordings, there is a good chance that there is more to come!

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