Videos of Moon and Saturn

Today I took videos of both the (near full) Moon and the (little past opposition) Saturn through my telescope.

First the Moon:

This one was captured with my old Kodak EasyShare C813. A camera which I bought 3 years ago for $120.

And here is Saturn:

The camera that I used on Saturn is my new Casio EX-H30. This one is capable of producing much brighter pictures, which is very helpful for Saturn, but not for the Moon (when I tried it on the Moon I got just a big bright spot, but hardly any surface features recognizable).

The weird movements of Saturn are partially the Earth’s rotation (when Saturn moves from right top to left bottom), and when I turn around on the scope. I also tried different zoom levels. However, the more I zoomed in, the more Saturn got blurred.

Saturn’s prime time for this year is already over, but the next candidate is on his way. In 2-3 months, Jupiter will begin to be in a position where I will be able to take pictures and videos of it. I’m excited to find out how much detail (and hopefully all of the Galilean Moons) I will be able to capture.

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